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Roman Villa Borg

From the initial finds to the reconstruction

More than 100 years ago, a teacher called Johann Schneider discovered traces of a Roman settlement between Borg and Oberleuken and carried out the first small-scale excavations.

Since 1 April 1987, the cultural foundation for the district of Merzig-Wadern in collaboration with the state conservation office, the public employment service and the municipality of Perl, have all been involved in the scientific excavation of a Roman villa in Borg.

It has emerged that the site hides the remains of one of the largest Roman villa complexes in the Mosel-Saar region, and in 1994 the decision was taken to reconstruct the entire site in line with the discoveries made during excavation work and current knowledge of Roman villas. Since then, the villa baths, the tavern, the manor with a museum section, the courtyard, the residential building and workshop area, and the gatehouse have all been rebuilt.

The ongoing nature of the work means that the appearance of the complex changes almost daily. Excavation work on the site, which covers an area of more than 7.5 hectares, also continues, and currently the Roman kitchen is being reconstructed.

Opening hours and admission prices

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday; Holiday

  • April - October: 10.00 – 18.00
  • February, March and November: 11.00 – 16.00
  • December and January closed

Monday: Closed

Admission prices

  • Adults: 5 Euro
  • Cut-price: 4 Euro (scholar, student, handicapped person
  • Families: 10 Euro (2 adults with children 14 and under)
  • Children 6 and under: for free
  • Children 6 - 14: 2 Euro
  • For groups of 20 or more, just 4 Euro per person
  • Grade of school of up to 30personsall-inclusive fixed price: 35 Euro


  • Groups: 50 Euro, plus the admission
  • Grade of school: 50 Euro, plus the admission

Leaflet Archäologiepark Römische Villa Borg

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